Kiddy Keys Classes




 KiddyKeys is a modern and engaging approach to teaching piano skills and music concepts to preschool children. Our methods enable and encourage each child to learn about the piano and music in the learning style that best meets their needs, maximizing their ability to understand and enjoy what they are learning.


Weekly improvisation on the keyboard, music theory, and composition are combined with the traditional elements of music and movement, incorporation of school readiness skills, and character development.

In KiddyKeys, children have so many learning opportunities – all in the name of fun! Here's a sampling of what children learn:

  • *Rhythm and movement exercises that develop fine and gross motor skills
  • *Recognition of notes and note values
  • *Counting exercises to help recognize numbers and develop math skills
  • *Building of memory skills through repeated music terminology
  • *Introduction to the music staff and piano keyboard
  • *Creative development through improvisation, composition, and keyboard exploration
  • *Development of interpersonal skills through group interaction
  • *Improved hand-eye coordination through experience with rhythm instruments and the keyboard
  • *Reinforcement of listening skills by discerning high and low, as well as loud and soft sounds
  • *Recognition of the music alphabet, colors, and shapes with worksheet activities
  • *Music story time focusing on composers, music terminology, and character development
  • *Weekly life lessons incorporating positive emotional and social skills to build self-worth




Classes are $80 per 6 week session (minimum 3 enrolled students per class)

New students will have a one time registration/materials fee of $40

 Materials include a Kiddy Keys tote bag, notebook, activity book, CD and egg shaker.

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